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разработка и интеграция комплексных электротехнических решений, подбор и логистика оборудования, проектирование и управление строительством, консалтинг. Является частью акционерной группы компаний наряду с «Электротехническая компания Эко свет», «Эко Свет Нева», «Лампа.ру»



Completed work:
• A full range of design and logistics tasks as the general supplier of electrical equipment

Scale of work:
• For the first time in Russia, tests were carried out on FRCL systems (fire-resistant cable lines) with a peak fire resistance of 240 minutes (minimum 45 minutes) based on DKC, the use of a new product line — DG fire-resistant plates
• 257 kilometers of tray
• 15,000 LED spotlights
• 6,500 fixtures of PHILIPS TM
• Participation in the development of the design solution, as well as the delivery with the contract supervision of the system of anti-icing and heating based on nVent equipment (Raychem), more than 50 km of self-regulating cable
• Development and certification of vertical branch couplings on the basis of Raychem TM, with the transition of the cable section of 240 mm2 to 16 mm2
• Scope of delivery: 250 low-voltage couplings, 350 individual couplings
• More than 1,000 pieces of electrical installation products of the company Legrand TM

Design and engineering solutions:
• In Autodesk Revit: created a single project of engineering systems and related systems of the object, unique databases on used equipment were developed at the facility with LOD500 detailing
• A lighting control system based on the Dali, DMX, KNX protocols was implemented, these systems are integrated into the overall BMS system implemented on the equipment of the Siemens TM
• An intelligent system for heating the perimeter of windows (window-glasses and fort-chambers of window frames) with a complex for protection against freezing and penetration of insects and birds has been developed

Project condition achieved: the usage of energy-efficient engineering systems, which allowed in the complex to get up to 40% savings. The building is now under LEED Gold certification.

An innovative super-survival life support system for the building has been created, which allows to evacuate people safely from the highest floors in the event of an emergency.

Special thanks for the cooperation to the developer companies of the external and internal lighting systems Exclusiva Design Srl, Lichtvision GmbH, ZAO Gorproekt, Samsung LTD, as well as to the specialists, supervising the project on behalf of the manufacturers PHILIPS, Raychem, DKC, nVent, ABB, IEK, Legrand, TDM, ASD, MYLED, Helvar, ESYLUX, Svetovye tekhnologii, Roxtec

The object description:
• Tallest building in Europe
• Spire height 462 m
• Total area of 400,000 thousand m²
• Mass 670 kt

Top floor 378 m

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