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разработка и интеграция комплексных электротехнических решений, подбор и логистика оборудования, проектирование и управление строительством, консалтинг. Является частью акционерной группы компаний наряду с «Электротехническая компания Эко свет», «Эко Свет Нева», «Лампа.ру»



Completed work:

  • 3D-modeling and design of lighting systems

  • Architectural highlighting of the stadium and the office buildings

  • Maintaining the indoor and outdoor lighting systems

The illumination system features 6 levels: from the guard zone and the ground perimeter, to the illumination of the stadium dome (height is 70 meters). In total, more than 2,100 fixtures have been installed.

An intelligent programmable system for managing scenarios and lighting effects that is unique in terms of the length and number of devices has been created.

Special thanks for the quality of solutions, competence and participation in adjusting of systems to the management and the specialists of IntiLED company

Features of the object:

  • Restriction on the load on structural elements

  • Large object size, complicating getting a complete picture of the lighting system

  • A limited number of footings (83) for lighting the facade up to 76 m high and 1,000 m long

  • Special control of regional and federal authorities

  • Work under tight deadlines


Committee for Construction of Saint Petersburg

Description of the object:

Kisho Kurokawa — concept author (Japan)

Object height 110 m

56,000 spectators 287 thousand m²


Saint Petersburg, Russia, Futbolnaya Alley, 1

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