“Login-M” –

разработка и интеграция комплексных электротехнических решений, подбор и логистика оборудования, проектирование и управление строительством, консалтинг. Является частью акционерной группы компаний наряду с «Электротехническая компания Эко свет», «Эко Свет Нева», «Лампа.ру»


Design and management of construction, as a preferential direction, has been developed in Login-M since 2015, and today the company implements more than 50 projects a year.

We observe in the industry trends that drastically change the requirements for construction companies. The terms for the implementation of facilities are getting shortened, business communications are getting more complicated, and the requirements for construction efficiency increase. Login-M is a collection of expert knowledge in the field of design, equipment used, development and implementation of solutions, as well as the ability to harmonize the interests of the participants in the construction chain. From our point of view, such a set of opportunities meets current industry trends and customers’ tasks.

For the client, the Design and Construction Management service allows delegating to Login-M specialists the entire chain of tasks during the construction of facilities. The direction takes responsibility for the holistic management of the process of developing and implementing engineering tasks for electrotechnical and low-current construction fields.

Specialists of the direction independently or as part of the design team develop project and construction documents, check the project’s compliance with technical requirements and commercial conditions of customers.

While implementing the projects, we execute field supervision and act as a construction management company.

Each direction’s specialist is an expert in his field and acts as an organizer of cross-functional communications, constantly coordinating the actions and interests of various parties in the project: investors, customers, designers, builders and operating organizations.