“Login-M” –

разработка и интеграция комплексных электротехнических решений, подбор и логистика оборудования, проектирование и управление строительством, консалтинг. Является частью акционерной группы компаний наряду с «Электротехническая компания Эко свет», «Эко Свет Нева», «Лампа.ру»


Login-M annually develops and successfully implements more than 500 engineering solutions in the following areas:

  • industrial lighting;

  • street lighting;

  • integrated power supply;

  • architectural highlighting.

With the development of technology and the increasing requirements for the complex efficiency of facilities, requests for engineering support, in the design process, making changes and implementing solutions, have gained widespread currency.

Login-M takes responsibility for developing and adjusting new and existing engineering solutions, taking into account the requirements of all participants in the construction chain, combining technical capabilities with the assigned tasks.

Our team is ready to:

  • interact flexibly with project designers of any level;

  • engage own technical experts or outside experts to develop or adjust engineering solutions;

  • agree on commercial terms and guarantee its fulfillment on time;

  • to provide consultative support of the implementation of the solution;

  • implement the solution on your own.

Since performing on the construction market, we have accumulated a vast experience and knowledge that we are ready to provide to our clients and partners for implementation of the most complex engineering solutions.